Services — Complex Decongestive Therapy Providers

The therapists listed on our website are trained in Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) and have successfully graduated from a school that adheres to the Lymphedema Association of North America (LANA) standards. This minimum of 135 hours advanced training is the most effective manual therapy used to treat lymphedema in the damaged lymphatic system. It consists of Manual Lympatic Drainage (MLD), compression, bandaging, education to learn how to manage lymphedema, exercise to promote lymphatic flow and skin care to prevent infections.

This is the recognized treatment by the Canadian Lymphedema Framework (CLF) and therefore the Lymphedema Association of Saskatchewan Inc (LAS). This site is for information and community support only.

No doctor referral is needed but is advised to assist with insurance claims.

Health Regions with Complex Decongestive Therapists

The following is a list of public Complex Decongestive Lymphedema Therapists (CDT) available in the various health regions in Saskatchewan. A physician's referral is required to access these services and treatment is funded by Saskatchewan Health (no cost). CDT includes manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging and garments, skin and nail care, exercise and education about lymphedema and risk reduction.

Prairie North Health Region:
Lloydminster/North Battleford/Meadow Lake

Heather Munn, BScOT
Phone: 306-446-6423
Fax: 306-875-3505

Sunrise Health Region:

Heidi Kuntz, BScPT
Phone: 306-786-0178    
Fax: 306-786-0179

Randy Bodnaryk, BScOT
Phone: 306-786-0180
Fax: 306-786-0179

Heartland Health Region: 

Courtney Lewis, MPT
Unity Health Centre
Phone: 306-228-2666
Fax: 306-228-2292

Regina Qu'appelle Health Region:

Tracy Gardikiotis, BScPT, LANA
Meagan Jacubowski, BScPT
Alisa Anastasakis, PTA/OTA

Pasqua Hospital
Phone: 306-766-8600
Fax: 306-766-2942

Sun Country Health Region:

Shawna Stephenson-Stewart, PTA/OTA
Phone: 306-842-8443
Fax: 306-842-8450

Saskatoon Health Region:

Janice Block, BScPT
Royal University Hospital
Phone: 306-655-2431
Fax: 306-655-2994

Maybelle Murphy, BScPT
Breast Health Centre,
Saskatoon City Hospital
Phone: 306-655-8208
Fax: 306-655-8236


Five Hills Health Region:
Moose Jaw

Sylvie Punga, BScOT
Phone: 306-694-0201
Fax: 306-694-8710

Private Complex Decongestive Therapists

The following is a list of private Complex Decongestive Lymphedema Therapists (CDT) available in SK. Treatment is available fee for service. CDT includes manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging and garments, skin and nail care, exercise and education about lymphedema, and risk reduction.

Sylvia Krueger, RMT
Laura Brierly, RMT
Areca Massage and Lymphatic Treatment Center
Regina, SK
Ph:  306-757-7005

Pam Fichtner, RMT
Sephira Healing
Saskatoon, SK
Ph:  306-230-7407

Christie Langen, RMT
Prairie Lotus Therapeutic Massage and Yoga
Regina, SK
Ph:  306-550-7681

Monique Marshall, BScPT, LANA  
Kinetik Physical Rehabilitation 
Saskatoon, SK
Ph: 306-655-8974
Erin Butler-Marshall, RMT
Authentic Touch Massage Therapy
4653 Hames Crescent 
Regina, SK 
Ph: 306-543-6366

Michelle Schmidt, RMT
1733 Railway Ave
Weyburn, SK
Ph: 306-891-9622

Glenda Moxham, OTA/PTA
Lymphedema on Wheels
Regina, SK
Ph: 306-795-5080

Heidi Watson, MOT
Electronic Health Information System
Weyburn, SK
Ph: 306-891-5316

Julie Jensen, BScPT
LymphFx Physiotherapy
Saskatoon, SK
Ph:  306-281-3117

Adeline Hovorka, RMT
Adeline’s Massage Therapy
Big Beaver, SK
Ph:  306-267-6048

Evelyne Tucker-Lloyd, RMT
Evelyne's  Lymphatic Massage  
Saskatoon, SK
Ph:  306-373-4511

Marie Trafford, RMT   
Assessment First Remedial Massage Therapy 
Conquest, SK
Ph: 306-856-4442 or

Sarah McNally, BScPT
CBI Physical Rehabilitation Centre
North Battleford, SK
Phone:  306-446-5670

Kourtney Olsson, RMT
Head To Toe Wellness
23C Smith St. W.
Yorkton, SK S3N3L2
Phone:  306-621-8180

Sherrie Ambrose, Registered Massage Therapist MLD/CDT
Dr. Vodder Certified
Saskatoon, SK
Phone: 306-652-5151
Fax: 360-652-5153

Tiana Rucks, RMT, CDT
King St. Chiropractic & Health Center
Estevan, SK
Phone: 306-634-2918

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