Lymphedema Pumps

Patients must be very careful as not every pump is safe to treat lymphedema. The two pumps that are used to treat lymphedema are Lympha Press Optimal and Flexi Touch. Please visit the sites below for more information on lymphedema pumps and be sure to watch the virtual treatment session. Proper lymphedema pumps are in most SK Health Regions, please contact your CDT therapist for further information (please see Services in SK tab, CDT list).

Sequential compression therapy (lymphedema pump) can be an additional treatment to Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) for moderate to severe lymphedema. A special device sequentially inflates and deflates a garment worn over the affected area, applying directional compression. The pressure and release cycle encourages emptying and refill of the lymphatics, while the directional compression promotes the flow of lymph upward towards the torso and assists the lymphatic fluid in finding its way around the blockage to healthy lymphatic channels. -information in the above paragraph from

Lympha Press

Virtual Treatment Session

Flexi Touch


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