Inspiring Lymphedema Patients in the Public Eye

Deborah Cordner's story:

Kathy Bates: speaking at NIH Conference in Washington, DC:

Amy Santiago:

Canadian Lymphedema Associations

The Canadian Lymphedema Framework (CLF) is an academic and patient stakeholder collaboration which is part of an international initiative aiming to promote research, best practice guidelines and lymphedema clinical development, worldwide.

The BC Lymphedema Association: 

Alberta Lymphedema Learning Association:

Lymphedema Association of Manitoba:

The Lymphovenous Association of Ontario:

Lymphedema Association of Quebec

Lymphedema Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

Atlantic Clinical Lymphedema Network

Educational Links

Pacific Medical Training-Lymphatic System:

Lymphatic Education & Research Network

The psycho-social Aspect of Lymphedema

International consensus: the best practice for the management of lymphedema:

A glimpse of some of the happenings at the NLN conference:

Home page at Lymphovenous Canada — Links people in Canada with dysfunctional lymphatic systems with health care, Canadian lymphedema framework and Canadian treatment centers: 

Great site for educational purposes, picking up great tips on self care, the lymphatic system, how lymphedema is treated, lymphedema emergencies & complications and much more: 

McGill lymphedema research program, Canadian Lymphedema Framework:

Lymphedema treatment programs, information on lymphedema, complications, personal stories exercises,  children with lymphedema and more:

National lymphedema network  - information on lymphedema for patients and professionals. Also exercises for lymphedema patients:

Clinical practice guidelines for the care and treatment of breast cancer: secondary lymphedema:

The Lymphedema Association of Quebec:

Breast cancer information, resources and support for Canadian women:

Breast Cancer Lymphedema Management:

Butterfly Image

Explains the different types and stages of lymphedema:

Information on lymphedema and shows pictures of lower limbs affected by lymphedema:

Explains lymphedema also showing a diagram of  damaged lymph nodes:

Throughout the year the Hope Cancer Centre - Events provides workshops and presentations on topics of special interest to cancer patients, families and care partners.
Lots of information on lymphedema. Shows pictures and explains different stages of lymphedema.

Your Canadian Lymphedema Framework

The important work of the CLF can only be achieved through partnerships with stakeholders, including: persons living with lymphedema and related disorders, community organizations, health care providers, educators, researchers, government, industry representatives, insurance companies, and any other individuals or organizations with an interest in lymphedema.

In the coming weeks, the CLF will begin to share updates about their activites, as well as related news and events of importance through a new email newsletter. If you would like to stay informed of the CLF's activities, why not sign up to receive the newsletter.

Thrive Alive Foundation, a very special not-for-profit charitable organization (registered with CRA) committed to providing resources and assistance to people in need for their cancer treatments not covered by government or healthcare plans. Unique in Canada, Thrive Alive Foundation was founded in response to a strong and growing need nationwide to help alleviate the individual financial burden of cancer care, oftentimes resulting in bankruptcy and poverty, for people in need; people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to access the life-saving treatments that others do. Our mandate is Canada wide and our vision is to make cancer treatments available to everyone across Canada, regardless of age and income.

MD, therapists and patient site. Resources to help patients cope with lymphedema. Books, bandages, videos/DVDs, compression garments etc. 

Patient resource site, authored by Joachim Zuther, USA 

Lymphedema Institute has excellent videos on bandaging of limbs. Well done and 

Patient and therapist resource site, USA 

Patient resource site, USA. Generated by people who have lymphedema. 

MD, therapist and patient site, International Lymphoedema Framework. 

Patient and therapists site. Good links to other services and educational material. 

Aqua Lymphatic Therapy (ALT) The Tidhar Method (Dorit Tidhar, MScPT, Montreal, Quebec) An alternative approach to controlling lymphedema.

An interesting article from the NLN

A 25 minute Ethnodrama performance. From Dissemination to Intervention: New Directions in Knowledge Translation for Breast Cancer Survivorship.

Exercise while sitting in a chair


International Lymphedema Framework

Dr. Stanley Rockson - Lymphatic System: Inflammation & Lipedema - LE&RN

A dedicated platform for the lymphoedema community write up:

For Caregivers, Family and Friends - National Cancer Institute

Weight Lifting and Lymphedema: Clearing up Misconceptions
Written by Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor University of Pennsylvania:

Lymphatic Vessels Discovered in Central Nervous System

Lipedema Project:

Study shows nanofiber scaffolds could treat lymphedema by rerouting lymphatic system around blockages

"Comprehensive Guide to Lymphedema in Children" - A comprehensive caregiver's guide to pediatric lymphedema which includes a review of the latest research on how kids with lymphedema differ from their adult counterparts:

"Patient guide to Head and Neck Lymphedema Following Cancer Treatment" - A comprehensive patient guide to head and neck lymphedema, with special considerations for this population. It also includes a lymphatic self-massage instruction video:

"Patient Guide to Lymphedema Symptoms, Prevention and Management" - A general patient guide to lymphedema, including a lymphatic self-massage instruction video:

Numerous other articles on various lymphedema (,
and cancer rehab
( topics.

Comprehensive Guide to Lymphedema in Children -

Lymphatic Education & Research Network - LE&RN
Founded in 1998, the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (formerly LRF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to fight lymphatic disease and lymphedema through education, research and advocacy. LE&RN provides valuable educational resources for the millions of people who suffer from lymphedema and lymphatic disease. LE&RN fosters and supports research that can deepen the medical community's understanding of the lymphatic system. For more information about lymphatic diseases or the Lymphatic Education & Research Network, please visit or call (516) 625-9675

Busting With Energy is Saskatchewan's only breast cancer survivors dragon boat team.  It is founded in 1998 and is based in Saskatoon. BWE has approximately 30 paddling members of varying ages and abilities.  It is a volunteer-run organization and its goal is to encourage participation to improve the well-being of breast cancer survivors.  BWE welcomes new members!  For more information please visit FaceBook or website: or email at